Saturday and Sunday 4th&5th of August 2007 there is a medieval event in Puchberg, Austria. The restored ruins of the local castle host this high authentic event. More information about this event is unfortunately available only in German.

As I want to portray my knight kit there, I planned to finish my new banner (which is actually a Pennon ) , but with only two evenings left this is going to be tough. It is created from green and white silk. the coat of arms cut out from white silk and sewed upon green silk. Producing one mirrored piece for the other side. Trimmings and thread used are also from white silk.

The current state, including our cat-model Mina looks like this.

Unfinished Pennon + cat

So I still have to trim the last border and attach some fasteners to it so that i can tie it to my lance.