today I relaunched running completely in symfony.

The great thing about symfony is that it is sooo damn easy.  I wanted to take advantage of the easy maintenance, the smart-urls, caching and a optimized framework. This all my custom written framework was not able to accomplish.

What was really impressive is that the migration from my old site to the new symfony powered one was less than a day. The actual coding work was less than three hours! Don’t believe it? Let me sketch how I did it:

  1. Use the CLI tools to create application.
  2. Use propel-build-schema to parse existing database.
  3. Take an html snapshot of the old page. skip the headers and copy&paste the body into the template.
  4. Create a component responsible for rendering the menu. move the menu snippet there.
  5. Create a module responsible for transforming the db content and creating the main content.
  6. Create some component logic and generate the menu dynamically, replacing the snapshot in the template.
  7. Write some retrieve logic to fill the template.

Done! From cryptic lines to easy Propel Criterias. Copy&paste code nicely refactored to model classes, and helpers.
Having a list view? it normally takes just a few minutes from a propel-generate-crud to a neat list view.

Just a few more tweaks to javascripts and stylesheet, and we are done with our relaunch.

My next steps are to enhance the site gradually and optimize caching.

Thank you symfony for this convenient experience