LinkedIn launched a new front page that is no longer that space wasting monster as it has been so far. However I noticed something strange
The new frontpage has a “People you might know” box. There you will normally see people from the same company as you are, or having a similar company in recent companies, or based on whatever secret criteria. However today LinkedIn asked me if I would know “Klaus Katze” [name changed, trying to preserve some privacy :-) ]. Well I do know him, but how could LinkedIn know? He is quite a bit older than me, he lives in a total different Part of germany, our companies have nothing to do with each other. He is a private frind of mine, and my LinkedIn profile does not contain any details or links that would reveal that I know him. However there are occurrences of his and my name when you google them, but I doubt that LinkedIn guesses names and googles them, who would they be able to detect a relationship anyway?

But wait. I have public Xing contacts and I do have “Klaus” in my Xing contact list.
I consider it very likely that LinkedIn can find my Xing profile, because I have basically the same data on both sites.

Lets see If I will get more Xing contacts recommended in LinkedIn.

Perhaps this might be even a good honeypot idea to prove.

Or is this data already exchanged via OpenSocial and nobody told me?

Ideas? Observed the same? Also knowing “Klaus Katze”?
Please comment!