German IT news site Golem reports that the iPhone will become a smartphone. Mid 2008 Apple will allow users to install custom software. Okay, again: Apple will allow certified software to be downloaded from iTunes. 30% of the price will go directly to Apple.

It seems that Apple still does not target companies. While the model might be suitable for selling games and stuff, I had hoped that with the announced possibility of installing applications we can get VPN software, terminal software and business applications on the iPhone.

As a application developer I would love the iPhone because it is in my opinion superior suitable to hose bussiness applications, either native and web. But until Apple allows us corporate software distribution this will still be the Symbian/WinCE/blackberry market.

Perhaps the iPhone as such shall be only for lifestyle, not for business?

It gets even more interesting, because on the other hand Apple announced that they will support Microsofts ActiveSync for enabling push-email from Exchange servers.

Gosh.. Apple what is your roadmap? Where shall the iPhone go?