T-Mobile announced today that there will be a special offer starting on Monday, where I would save 200 Euros for my phone. Too sad that I bought it already. Well I tried calling T-Mobile and negotiating about getting this back without any hassle. And yes! its not possible :-)

To bad, because here in Germany you can send back goods you ordered via phone or internet within 14 days.

So I will send back my phone on Monday and order a new one on Monday. Because terminating my account, charging 1/4 of monthly fee, inspecting my sent back phone, repackaging it and sending me a new via Express is cheaper for T-Mobile than just adding 200 Euro to my account.

Well if you (T-Mobile) want it like that you can have it. I can live two days without my iPhone.

Urks, I was pointed to a tiny detail: Upon activation I confirmed that I waive my right to return the iPhone. Of course if I would want to go into a lawsuit I could argue that I was unable to test the device (testing is the main reason for those magical 14 days, you have to have time to test it similar to what you do when you can hold it in your hand) without activating it.

Somehow I am reluctant and consider taking the offer of 100€ onto the account T-Mobile is giving at the moment.