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Published by Fabian on 04 Apr 2008

How to deal with blog content harvesting?

I am a bit clueless on how to deal with blog content stealing. over 50% of my comments are trackbacks from “blogs” that harvest the net and steal content from blogs. Some of them manage to at least give the source or quote the author name correctly, but most of them give no correct credits. It seems that others also add some random text to it that should even more emphasise that it is a manual trackback, but you can notice that they are generated.

How to deal with those? I cannot do more than to mark them “spam”, however my valuable text (well my gibberish that perhaps might be valuable) is on their site, sometimes claiming that they have authored it.

Ideas anyone?

PS: Harvested misquoted trackbackspam welcome on this entry :-)

Published by Fabian on 04 Apr 2008

One Google to rule them all

I have some e-Mail accounts which get spammed by multiple spam mails per hour, but unfortunatly I could not make a clear cut and kill them. Now I found a neat feature in GMail which allows you to collect pop3 accounts and provide the mails via GMail interface. This is especially handy because then I have them on my iPhone as well. And most important: They have to pass the superb Google spam filter.

So as you see I dropped my resistance against Google crawling all my private data, because the service they provide is worth more than I consider the value of my mails.