I resisted for a long time, but there is a talk coming up in the Düsseldorf Java User Group about JRuby, so I really want to get to know what this Ruby thing is all about. Up to now I thought that PHP is good enough to be complement for Java for low scale projects and prototype, but however, we need software that is able to be integrated. I was not so successfully getting a Java<->PHP Integration running, so perhaps this can be done with Ruby?

Let me quickly take you along with my Getting Started experience:

  1. Google for “Ruby on Rails getting started”
  2. From


    got to


    A bit lost there but found a nice installer on


  3. Install the stack, wait for 30 Minutes until Ruby has extracted thousands of yaml files.
  4. The stack pretended to have a demo application ready on port 3000, but this was not configured.
    Also the Ruby on Rails wiki pages were not very helpful on how to finalize this last setup step.
    I found a README in the application directory. That one told me to invoke script/server…
    Well.. I tried. Windows said: command or file not found.
    The file itself has:
    #!/usr/bin/env ruby
    How is that supposed to work on Windows?
    Even creating an new project with “rails” command which was found in path correctly does produce unix shell scripts…


    ruby -i.bak -pe 'gsub!("#!/usr/local/bin/ruby", "#!c:/ruby/bin/ruby")' public/dispatch.* script/*

    and now? The command did not succeed, even after fixing the permission errors, because the script tries to modify folders and the path being incorrect, its still a unix shell script.. not a windows command script. Though not working.

  5. okay, I was bold and tried invoking “ruby script/server” and surprise that did work! And even the application was running.

90 Minutes for getting the welcome screen of a ruby app under windows. not very impressive. Lets hope application development is more convenient.

Lets see how my Ruby experiments will go on. I better open a new category for it.