If you don’t know Zak you have missed something. A great game, and a cornerstone of the great adventure genre that LucasArts sill does not want to revive. Production cost is too high due to the complex content that has to be created. And only a small amount of people would buy the game. Its to hard to understand…

Really? Most people I know loved adventures. Even with steep learning curves you can master them and they are addictive. But even when LucasArts doesn’t listen to the community, there is hope.

As a result of community work Zak McKracken 2 – Between Time and Space was released. 2 Gigabytes filled with great graphics, sound and voice. And of course filled with puzzles up to the roof. An awesome piece of work as the result of 7 years work.

As its community work this one is FREE. Free as in “free beer”. So grab it and enjoy it!

Many thanks to the team

PS: oops nearly forgot. This game is only available in german at the moment. They are working now on translations. But hey, I used the good old Lucas Arts and Sierra Adventures to learn English, perhaps you can give it a shot in German? :-)