Google is attacking Microsoft for the future market of Operating Systems.

Already some time ago people started to discuss about the browser being the future application platform, virtual machine, or even operating system. But up to today browsers were designed for displaying web pages.

But today, everything has changed. Google presented Google Chrome to the world.

Google is the first one to do a radical perspective shift. Chrome is no longer a reader for HTML pages, but it is designed as Application Platform for Web Applications, oh and by the way: it can also display HTML.

It includes Google Gears as “registry” for Web Applications, a task manager for everything in Chrome, and blurs the borders of Applications and Web Applications by putting a GMail icon on your desktop that you can open up standalone.

Lets be all excited about the next days, where thousands of web gurus will put their hands on Chrome and see if it has the potential to become THE platform for running future applications.

Be sure to watch the introduction video by the Chrome development team