having a generic talk in a short time on what options for performance optimizations for a web framework is not an easy task. I just completed my talk, and even when I was slightly exceeding my 45 minutes, I think I managed to transport the message that there are many options to start working on bad performance. On the other hand, main contributors to performance issues are most of the time just a few factors like number of HTTP requests and database requests. Again its 80/20: 20% of the available tuning options solve 80% of the performance issues.

I hope that everybody could follow the presentation, and even more, can apply some tuning to their projects to get better performance. If you were unable to attend or want to review my slides, here they are, uploaded as PDF:
Full Stack Web Application Performance Tuning

and on slideshare:

Other presentations from the camp can be found also on slideshare and there are some images on flickr