After having quite exhaustive flights on the weekend (guys, 7 hours in Chicago O Hare are no fun), I spend today 13 hours in great sessions.
I will be preparing a slideset on some of the key information I was able to gather today for our company blog, so just a few words on more or less private stuff.
Boy, last time I was in US I did not notice that in US everything costs extra. I thought 219$ for the room is expensive, but its not. it is 219+tax+hbid+pid (whats those two?)+newspaper (which you can cancel) and its not including breakfast. Luckily I could get hold onto meeting room wifi, free for people with the AjaxWorld password, otherwise I would have to pay also for wifi extra.

The conference as such is better than I did expect. Quite a lot of good topics, and many interesting people to meet. Only one negative point for today: I came 5 minutes late into Jeremy’s presentation on integrating AJAX into Spring, cause I talked to a few oracle people still. When I came into the room he was just going over some SpringSource service offering slides. I have seen them soo many times already, so why can’t the SpringSource guys just stop showing it? I headed directly towards another session, onto a JavaScript based distributed database, called . Even when this was also advertising, it mainly was about the conceptual issues one could have with a browser accessible DB. So dear guys at SpringSource: please skip your 15 minute SpringSource portfolio slides, then I might join your talks again.

My personal highlight was a presentation from the founders of Kaazing, who talked about Server-Side Events and WebSockets. Good stuff, and I am very eager to try it out.
From company perspective perhaps the most interesting finding was the product called KITE from Keynote.
More about this then later.
Heading now to the aftershow party