Today is the day which i was working for the last months. Now I can rest and recharge my batteries, because also my winter vacation starts in 2 weeks.

December 1st – Rich Ajax Platform day
Today my book went into print! The last days were really fast moving. Right after Damon, my copy editor, made my English pleasant to read (Thanks for your patience, Damon!,) the book went to layout. Already shortly after that, I received the book cover and the content as PDF. This was then the first time I realized how the book will look like when holding it in your hand, and I was so happy about it. I can’t wait for the printed copies to arrive.
You can head right to my book website, or to your favorite bookstore to order. There is also an electronic version available from Apress directly.
Thanks to everybody involved, either by reading, answering questions, correcting my mistakes or just keeping me happy, you were of great help!

December 1st – symfony day
As you might know I am the release manager of symfony 1.2, and I am very proud to announce that symfony 1.2 is available as of today. This might be a little surprise for you, because we have never given this early date.
But this is not the only surprise the symfony core team has planned for you. You might be surprised as well that we updated the whole symfony book to contain Doctrine 1.0 and Propel 1.3 documentation.
Think that documentation should be anyway there? yes, but most open source projects forget about it, while we try not to forget about it too often ;-) To strengthen the support symfony gives to Doctrine and to make Doctrine easier to learn for people switching from Propel, Jonathan has just published the symfony+Doctrine Book.

Because today is December 1st we launched a new Advent calendar! Because the askeet was so popular and the reason for many people to join the symfony community, we felt it was time to redo it. The new Jobeet will guide you to create a fully functional, state of the art project using best practices and symfony 1.2. Because the lessons every day are designed not to last longer than an hour, you will create a full project in less than 24 hours. Don’t believe it? You will see!

To create more buzz for 1.2, I recently gave an interview for the German Technology Magazine iX, which will have an article about symfony in its January edition.