Andrew Hunt writes in Pragmatic Progammer (an excellent book by the way) that you should consult a Guru on a topic where you find it difficult to find a good solution for a problem. But he admits that many companies are short of Gurus. He claims that the internet might be a good source to find Gurus.

I don’t think it is that easy. While there are really helpful Gurus participating in mailing lists and forums, written discussion is a problematic transport for your issues. And sometimes its not easy to select the appropriate Guru for your problem. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to talk to a Guru in person?

My employer codecentric now launches a new quarterly workshop series called “Meet the experts“. Because we are and want to continue to be among the thought leaders in Java Technology, Agile Software Development, Architecture and Performance, we decided to invite top notch Gurus to spend a day on our premises and have a full day with interesting talks and an Open Space session in the evening, which everybody can attend (well at least as long we still have seats left).

The first “meet the experts” will be held on 26th of June with “Performance” as it’s topic. Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Java Champion, and Kirk Pepperdine from, Alois Reitbauer from dynaTrace and my boss Mirko Novakovic will have a talk.

I am really excited about that day and have high expectations. And we have the next events already in the pipe, which I hope that I am allowed to talk about soon.