I am currently standing at out booth in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz, where the JAX 2009 is taking place. Quite an amazing amount of high quality talks, and good talks and networking inbetween the session. codecentric is silver sponsor, we are having three nice sessions for you to attend and are also blogging live from here, and advertising meet the experts.

I already had a great talk from Angelika Langer which caused some worries about concurrency in my mind, and a talk about jBPM which looks really like a BPM solution one can include in an existing Java Architecture. I especially liked that you can JUnit test it.

Tonight we will have dinner at the famous Waldgeist Hofheim, where you can get a 2.5 kg Schnitzel! Hmmm tasty :-)

Mirko just put up a new blog posting on our company blog including a nice picture showing us at our booth. I shamelessly copy it :-)