Today I am giving two short talks at our monthly Friday afternoon event. Both are short and somewhat different, so I am trying to experiment a bit.

The first one is about a small reorganisation and I will present what my new duties are. So nontechnical, and no real need to put a lot of information on the slides. I quite liked a few presentations applying principles outlined in “presentationzen” from Garr Reynolds, so I ended up trying it myself (and reading the book). The result is now very small: 6 slides. 6 words. 6 pictures.

The second talk is about the easymock framework, and is intended to show people how easy it is to mock complex objects for unit testing. I personally find this framework very much underrated and underused. Because I claim that it is so easy, I gave myself 10 minutes in which I will walk the folks through refactoring and testing a small class with easymock. The main challenge (and experiment) for me is to do this legible on a beamer. I plan only to use keyboard shortcuts, which strengthens the impression its easy, and is also better to follow than the disturbing mouse clicking. It also helps to reduce Eclipse to only the editing window, making it fit to a limited resolution

So lets see how it works out :-)