During my daily job we are talking a lot about SCRUM. We need to talk a lot about it because we need to convince customers that SCRUM is a good idea. But I think we should never talk to developers about SCRUM. The reason for this is that SCRUM is a project management framework. It is made for people managing projects. And it is a great tool for that. But let us face it: developers do not care about project management. It does confuse them. They are developers not managers. SCRUM can be explained easily to them:

Listen lads & guys, you are tasked to work as a team on the companies product. We are doing it differently this time, instead of working on the boring DB all day, we are rotating tasks so everybody gets some joy. And because we just want to do the best for the product, management comes tomorrow to us and tells us what high prio tasks to work on. Deadline for those tasks is in three weeks, but I am sure we can make it. I also do not want some boring project status meetings. Just meet every morning at 9 and in 15 minutes let us say what we work on so we can help each other in case there is need. Ready? Lets do it! In case you need anything just come to me.

See? No word of SCRUM or any of its buzz-words. Developers are happy and they do not have to bother with management. Thats management stuff. Instead they can experiment with eXtreme Programming practices, because they are fun for developers.
And from managers point of view this is also ok. They have everything they need, and in case they need any technical expertise they will consult someone of the team as they did before.

What do you think, is the hype with SCRUM perhaps too much for devs?