If you were following me on twitter, you might have noticed that i was in Antwerp Belgium, for the devoxx conference. Which is one of the best Java conferences in Europe and very affordable. As usual, it is pretty interesting that you can find out that famous gurus are normal people that you can talk to. Well they are geeks, so am I, that is why we can come along.

I learned a lot (as always), but interestingly it was mainly on three topics
* New Features of JDK 7, EE 6 and Spring 3
* New programming models like the famous map&reduce, big tables etc
* New JVM based languages: Clojure and Scala

I also attended the live recording for the javaposse.com episode, which was tremendously fun, especially because Atlassian sponsored a round of beer.
I met Kirk, who still reminds our good hours playing Guitar Hero at the meet the experts – performance, and had the pleasure to also meet Holly, who was unfortunately the only female speaker, and could introduce her also to our meet the experts concept.
I would like to have her there, because she really knows the internals of all the IBM JVMs.

I also had a length talk with Howard about Tapestry and various other stuff. because we all like open source and sharing ideas to make the world better, I talked with him about porting the web debug toolbar from symfony to Tapestry.
I think that will be an interesting experiment, also refreshing my Tapestry skills.

Great conference, lot to learn, very inspiring. Now back to daily work :-/