First day of the symfony live conference is over. Many interesting talks from today and more for sure to follow tomorrow.
In our core team panel, Fabien already spilled some beans on the upcoming symfony 2 alpha release. If you missed that, I wont repeat it sorry :-)
prepare for the big news tonight when Fabien has his “revealing 2.0″ session.

bayarsaikhan took a great picture of the core team on stage:

From Left to right:

  • Bernhard Schussek, who works on Lime2 and Forms2
  • Stefan Koopmanschap, who is our Community Relations Manager (the one who buys beer)
  • Me, currently busy with Ticket Management and fixing the 1.x branch
  • Fabien Potencier, symfony Masterbrain
  • Jonathan Wage, our ORM expert developing Doctrine 2
  • Dustin Whittle, working for Yahoo and keeping an eye out on the big Web/Enterprise world for symfony
  • Kris Wallsmith, very busy with being Release Manager for our currently supported 1.3 and 1.4 release