Last Friday, at our Meet The Experts conference, somebody asked what would be the ideal SCRUM Team.
I found that especially interesting as it mirrors the question of MMORPGs: whats the ideal group to beat XYZ Instance.

And I think the answer is exactly the same in both: It depends. Many combination’s can be successful. Even some exotic teams can make the impossible. It also depends on personal skill and dedication to the course.
But yes there are general recommendations. In an MMORPG you often need somebody…

  1. … keeping all the bad guys away. Taking the beating (the tank).
  2. … caring for you, healing your wounds. Saving your life (the healer).
  3. … attacking the troublemakers. Earning the glory (the damage dealer).
  4. … helping all the others to do their role better. Unsung heroes (the supporter).

For SCRUM Teams this is pretty much the same. You need various skills. Programming skills solving the issues and testing skills making sure you don’t blow up. Caching skills to help the team perform better, and documentation skills to make sure the project isn’t hit and run.

Side note: Somebody was missing form above. The Quest handing NPC. Which would be of course the Product Owner :)

For me the SCRUM Master would be the Tank, holding all the trouble away from the team. Frankly, this was not completely my idea, as Charls Miller from Atlassian blogged about holding Aggro before.

You do not need an ideal team. You need a team to get work done.