Ouch! i didn’t post for a year now? Boy!

I don’t know exactly why I stopped blogging here. But I am not dead! Those interested in Java or Performance topics for sure read my posts on blog.codecentric.de, where I write at least a post per month, or my random tweets @CodingFabian.

I guess I can blame it on work, cause I travel more than I used to, helping clients in Europe cope with their performance issues. But I also speak at conferences like JAX.

With my wife, I have been in the states last month, and now our next big project starts. Building a house :-) Lets see if I afterwards can confirm the similarities between building software and building a house.

However, I will not write much about the progress as others do. Its progressing nicely, and my ranting about stupid processes will be kept internally :-)

Lets see if after the house is up and running, I will have more time to do medieval stuff again!