This page is titled “About me. So I think it should be about me….
Okay, when I was born 1980 I was given the name “Fabian”. When I married 2005 my wife, she considered my last name “Lange” better than hers, so she took it over. We are living in Ratingen, thats a medium size city nearby Düsseldorf, Germany. We share kindly our flat with two cats. Sometimes I think they are sharing actually with us. Their names are “Mina” and “Merlin”.

I studied Information Technology at Berufsakademie Stuttgart and graduated there 2004. This was a dual studies program, which means that I had 3 months of studies (40-50 hours classes per week) followed by 3 months of “normal” work. That internship I did at HP in Ratingen.
As HP in Germany did not provide me the challenges I was seeking, I started at Nokia end of 2004. They had an R&D center in Düsseldorf where I was part of a team developing Performance Management software for the network management software of Nokia. 2007 the Networks business line was spun off to form the joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks with Siemens former networks business, which is now my new home.

Our (PM) team spun off an own web framework technology (based on struts 1) [I can hear you coughing], which I was mainly participating in. During time I took over a lead designer role and eventually became Software Architect for this product. It is sometimes hard to do this role when you see all the wonderful stuff outside the company.

Fall 2007 brought troublesome times. Higher management decided to cut costs and kill the R&D department I was working in. We were informed that the team in Düsseldorf would been sold to Tata Consultany Services. This gave me the final puzzle piece in deciding to leave the company. There were lots of other pieces, I do not want to talk about, but I found a new home at codecentric GmbH.

I am working there as Senior IT Consultant, where I will focus on Java and other technology web applications and performance. But I am as well integrated in customer projects implementing applications, currently focused on the finance and insurance sector, but will try to establish with my NSN colleage Andreas, who also joined codecentric, some projects in telco as wel.

In fall 2008, I became an author. I had much fun writing a book about Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform, and Apress was a very friendly publisher with helpful people working there. If you are interested about creating Web Applications (Rich Web Clients) out of Eclipse RCP applications you really should check this book, becasue RAP is just a wonderful framework. I have a website for the book as well.

Coming home in the evening does not end my passion to IT. I enjoy trying out new cool stuff (yes that AJAX hype really produces a lot of output). Together with a friend I am maintaining and developing a quite large website called Tempus vivit!. Its done in PHP and we just recently relaunched it using the great symfony framework (I have to say its great because I became committer for it March 08, and other roles during my involvement over time). I also like to play with that ton of free ajax widgets out there.
That site is about something either referred to as reenactment or living history. Thats also my second passion: trying to find scientific proof of how the past was, and try to recreate it. Why do it? Because in a museum you cannot touch and feel the exhibits, and in Hollywood you get to see something which is not accurate at all.
So you could say its educative, but it is also a great chance to do something else than just putting fingers on keyboards and mice all day. It involves also wood and metalworking and also things like sewing or stitching.

Thats why my blog is called “Medieval Programming”. I’ll blog about my work, cool computer technology stuff and I will post about my living history hobby. I like the title because you notice that business programming looks sometimes like ancient history compared to whats out there in the world (the source code at Nokia was Java 1.3 compatible [in 2007 :-) ])

So enjoy!

PS: My vita and profile can be found in Xing or LinkedIn. I started to tweet via @CodingFabian

Last updated on 1st of December 2008