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Published by Fabian on 10 Sep 2007

Gerresheim – day of the open monument

On Sunday we joined some friends in bringing a cloister back to life. It is located in Gerresheim, a part of the big city Düsseldorf.

There were quite a lot visitors, more than expected because virtually no advertisement for this event was done, and this was strictly cultural, not commercial at all.There are rumors that this was the most visited event on that day (where usuall all kinds of museums offer some exhibitions)

Published by Fabian on 06 Aug 2007

Return from Puchberg

Boy, that was a long ride. 1000 kilometers later we arrived this night. It was a great event. The restoration of the ruins produced a small wooden building, which perfectly was contributing to the historic atmosphere. The good things with the ruin walls is: they keep everything modern out of sight. The visitors were, as already known from Puchberg very interested and came in masses. It is nice to seem that this kind of event is successful and earns also some money for further restoration & conservation. Even more amazing was how people expressed their appreciation. There was no entrance fee for the grounds, but a donation of any amount was appreciated. There were people that donated 2 Euros when they came in, and when the leyt 3 hours later they put in another 10 Euros. I think there couldn’t be a better compliment for our work.

For those curious: Sure I did finish my pennon. Thanks for the Austrian winds and sun I did this picture.

finished pennon

As always: On every event you break something. This time my new sword scabbard broke. Medieval scabbards were lined with fur. But it seems that one fur went loose and now is stuck near the lower end, so my sword is currently stuck. Ill have to open the leather cover and somehow the wooden parts to reattach it.

And one word to all truckers out there:
Yes, I know that construction lanes are always quite narrow, but if I want to over take, please move from the mid of both lanes back to the right lane and let me pass. Thank you!

Published by Fabian on 01 Aug 2007

Still some work to do before Puchberg

Saturday and Sunday 4th&5th of August 2007 there is a medieval event in Puchberg, Austria. The restored ruins of the local castle host this high authentic event. More information about this event is unfortunately available only in German.

As I want to portray my knight kit there, I planned to finish my new banner (which is actually a Pennon ) , but with only two evenings left this is going to be tough. It is created from green and white silk. the coat of arms cut out from white silk and sewed upon green silk. Producing one mirrored piece for the other side. Trimmings and thread used are also from white silk.

The current state, including our cat-model Mina looks like this.

Unfinished Pennon + cat

So I still have to trim the last border and attach some fasteners to it so that i can tie it to my lance.

Published by Fabian on 25 Jun 2007

IG Wolf 20th anniversary in Archeon (NL)

Another entry from pre-blog time coming through the time machine.

We have been in Archeon the weekend 23rd & 24th to join our friends of IG Wolf celebrating their 20 year anniversary. It was a great event, with many well known friendly faces, and also a few new ones. We made new friends with some more Italian people.

It was more or less raining the whole weekend, and most campsites looked like mudhole, but we actually were lucky and had a dry sleep in our tent :-)

The main event on Saturday evening was really great. It was a festivity you can only dream of as reenactor. Plenty of friendly faces wearing their best (in authenticy, portrayed rank and pricing) clothes, masses of period food (1starter disch, 3 main courses, sweet desert and cheese) and even greater masses of a large variety of drinks. Good music and other “showacts” in between.

A professional photographer took plenty pictures. Ill upload some once I get them. For now one of my knight kit has to be enough:

Thank you IG Wolf, we see us in Puchberg, and we happily will come to the 50th anniversary party :)