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Published by Fabian on 17 Feb 2010

symfony core team meets again at symfony live 2010

First day of the symfony live conference is over. Many interesting talks from today and more for sure to follow tomorrow.
In our core team panel, Fabien already spilled some beans on the upcoming symfony 2 alpha release. If you missed that, I wont repeat it sorry :-)
prepare for the big news tonight when Fabien has his “revealing 2.0″ session.

bayarsaikhan took a great picture of the core team on stage:

From Left to right:

  • Bernhard Schussek, who works on Lime2 and Forms2
  • Stefan Koopmanschap, who is our Community Relations Manager (the one who buys beer)
  • Me, currently busy with Ticket Management and fixing the 1.x branch
  • Fabien Potencier, symfony Masterbrain
  • Jonathan Wage, our ORM expert developing Doctrine 2
  • Dustin Whittle, working for Yahoo and keeping an eye out on the big Web/Enterprise world for symfony
  • Kris Wallsmith, very busy with being Release Manager for our currently supported 1.3 and 1.4 release

Published by Fabian on 01 Dec 2009

Today is symfony Project Day

Last night I hung out with Fabien, Jon and Kris on IRC, preparing today!
Here the results of our hackathon

We all hope you enjoy our stuff hand have productive days till Christmas.

Published by Fabian on 24 Oct 2009

symfony Bug Hunt Day coming

On november 14th there will be a symfony bug hunt day, organized by the benelux PHP user group.
I will be attending, and Fabien will also be there. The event was initiated by symfony community manager Stefan, so he is in as well.
Stefan also announced the event on the symfony blog.

The main goal of the day is to make symfony 1.3 ready for release. But I am happily accepting patches for symfony 1.2 as well. symfony 1.2.10 will be released at the end of November, and it will be the last release in the 1.2.x series. So also the last release I will be managing for now.

So if you are around Antwerp you are welcome.

Or perhaps 4 days later? Ill be at the devoxx Java conference as well :-) [no need to start php vs java flame wars]

Published by Fabian on 10 Oct 2009

Review: Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development Book

Today I received my copy of the new symfony 1.3 book as I said earlier the day in my tweet.

In the meanwhile I had a chance to read the book, skipping all the coding. The book is easy to read and teaches to build a milkshake shop along the pages. However there is no new idea, because the TOC matches to ones from other symfony books. And I must state that the book suffers from a few things:

  • You can note that this book was “upgraded” for newer versions. It says Propel 1.2 is used, which is not true anymore since symfony 1.2. It gives links that point to 1.0 documentation and for installation 1.2 links because “at the time of writing 1.3 was not released”. I can understand that as publisher you want to have a book that covers the current version. But be fair with your customers. This book does know nothing about Doctrine (1.2) and Propel 1.4  which are the main libraries included in symfony. As part of this the book also explains emails wrong. Well at least it uses swiftmailer, but in 1.3 there will be native symfony support based on swiftmailer.
  • Code examples have syntax errors, are multi page ymls that the reader should “copy” (ok, sourceode is available as download) and contains comments like
    //create new criteria
    $c = new Criteria();
  • The application being built shall look nice, to achieve that tons of style information clutters up the examples. it is hard to see where the important stuff comes from. I would have preferred a complete (complex) css that styles everything so that the examples are easier to read
  • The book does not tell anything about “symfony cc” [ok it does, it says this is explained when installing a plugin, but when you have read up to there, there is no note of this as well]. From my experience “symfony cc” was the answer to most of the questions on the mailing list. Symfony book should spend a whole chapter of teaching this :)

On the bright side we have:

  • The book uses symfony Forms, which many people find under-documented. Perhaps the book can help here?
  • The book uses symfony 1.2 admin generator and avoids the 1.0 compatible deprecated features.
  • It illustrates a way to send emails. Something which was a challenge for symfony 1.0-1.2 users.

If it would have been a symfony 1.2 book, I would have recommended it. But the forced upgrade to 1.3 harmed it. I hope that Packt and the authors will update the book after release of 1.3/1.4. For over 40 Euros I would have expected a much better book.

Published by Fabian on 17 Sep 2009

New symfony book coming

I was asked if I could review a new book coming out soon.
It is called symfony 1.3 web application development.

Covers all the new features of version 1.3 – many exciting plug-ins for you

But… hmm thats interesting. 1.3 is neither out, nor are its features finalized. Also, I don’t know the authors, which is a bit strange.
I will see. I will review it and report again.

Published by Fabian on 30 Jun 2009

State of the Art Dependency Injection for PHP

The second symfony component has gone live. It is the Dependency Injection Monkey. For me as a Java guy, who is used to Spring or Guice it is a relief to see that finally there is a compact and great PHP DI container available. If you never have heard about dependency injection (also called Inversion of Control) you should try to understand it. If you have and are developing PHP you should try the symfony dependency injection. Or better If you are on Java, try Spring :-)

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