As I do not like to keep my knowledge for myself, I try to spread it in various ways. I appreciate discussions and comments to increase knowledge and make the world a bit better.

My publications reflect my own ambition, to stay ahead of many things, rather to focus on a single technology. Right now my focus is on web development, developer experience and agile software development.


  • Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform, 2008
    My first book about a really cool technology enabling to run Eclipse RCP applications in the Web.


  • Web Performance Optimization, held 2011 at JAX, Mainz
    WPO is a trending topic. This talk explains why WPO is a good idea and what you can do about it quite easily.
  • Agile Development of High Performance Applications, held 2010 at Gearconf, Düsseldorf
    How to ensure high quality and high performance applications with an agile development cycle?
  • Ant und Maven, held 2009 for our customer in Würzburg (german)
    You can get automatic builds only if you use a build framework. This talk covers Ant and Maven, compares them and gives advice on how to utilize their powers
  • Eclipse RAP, held 2009 at Java User Group Cologne
    some information about Eclipse RAP if you don’t want to buy my book (you will want to afterwards anyway)
  • Full Stack Performance Optimisation, held 2008 at symfony camp
    learn about the wide range of options you have when optimizing a symfony based web application



  • codecentric blog
    I publish some short and some long blog posts on our company blog.